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popping in real quick to say that i haven’t forgotten about this place and i may not be back for winter break.

i’m going into AP English now, and that’s a year long class with no breaks..

but i graduate next year! :’) so if all else fails i’ll be back then

▶ hiatus;

i would drop iris if i didnt really want to play her here

anyway, i’m going on hiatus until winter break (i dont know when that is. sometime in november/december?)

i’ll pop in now and then possibly but school gives me little time to manage two blogs. i can only manage to be on my main one and still do my work

when i’m on i’ll be here, which is my main iceland blog

sorry!! :’( i’ll be back when breaks here.

jfc im not sure what to do on this blog
like im excited to rp here but i feel


belorussianprincess replied to your post: the lot of ‘ya appeared suddenly, geez. halló and…

((WELCOMEEEEE!)) Hello, I am Natalia.

ég heiti íris.
nice to meet ‘ya. 

the lot of ‘ya appeared suddenly, geez.
halló and velkomin! 

▶ Hey guys, lets learn some more about each other!


Reblog and fill in the blanks! Remember, you don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to~

Favorite genre of music: pop, i believe!
Any interesting head cannons for your character: i haven’t stated this yet - but iris is an albino :o
Other fandoms: homestuck and that one madoka animu
Favorite ship(s): umm norice, denice and sufin :’v
Favorite number: 8
Reasons for picking your character: i’ve always rped iceland, and he was taken, so i just.. yeah
Favorite book: hunger games!
Least favorite animal: i do not like zebras :’|


earliest thing i can remember is this trip ‘ta america!